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Mind-blowingly beautiful ideas for a magical sunflower themed wedding

Updated: Apr 18

We just love sunflowers, they're bold, beautiful and strong - and make stunning flowers for a perfect wedding day, whether used in a wedding bouquet or/and on the wedding invitations. Sunflowers also symbolise adoration, loyalty and love – the key components of a long and happy marriage it could be argued ... so what more positive vibes do you need?!

We have therefore, scoured the web for the most gorgeous sunflower related elements for your big day, and THIS is what we will be talking about ... cakes, dresses, decor, invitations and much, much more!

So, what goes with yellow?:-) We're talking #COLOUR PALETTES

and you might just be surprised at what we found ...

Burgundy and yellow you say? Not a pairing that obviously jumps to mind perhaps ... However, sunflowers really work well with other warm colours. Burgundy’s richness creates a fantastic contrast with the warm sunflowers. It’s perfect for autumn weddings, or brides who fancy a bold look. Still, it's difficult to talk about colours without talking about #WEDDINGFLOWERS

Beautiful wedding bouquet with sunflowers and burgundy

Wedding bouquet with sunflowers, burgundy roses & berries - Photo by Marko Milivojevic

Now, don't tell me that that isn't a stunning colour combination ...

On the other hand, (now we're reeaally torn) they also look positively beautiful with a softer colour palette, with colours of pink and white that calms down the yellow just a touch creating a look that’s just perfect for summer weddings.

Gorgeous wedding bouquet with sunflowers, dusky pink and yellow roses

Wedding bouquet with sunflowers, pink and yellow roses by Lucy Charlotte Designs

Looking for artificial flowers? We found this beauty which looks unbelievably real. Sunflowers can also pair well with light colours, like white and cream.

Faux flower brides bouquet withSunflowers, cream roses and daisies,  gypsophila, craspedia, foliage

Handtied faux flower bridal bouquet with sunflowers & cream roses by Adas flowers and gifts

So, some beautiful pairings, colour-wise - your choice will all depend on the look you’d like to create for your wedding day.

Type "sunflower wedding #DECOR" into google or pinterest and you will be absolutely swamped with copious amounts of images. You don't need us for this one. However, it did take a little more time to pin down (pun intended) the most gorgeous ones that came with that all-important supplier information, so here are our favourites ...

Firstly, if you are looking for a, welcome sign, you can't get much more rustic than something like this - perfect if you decide to go down the burgundy/yellow colour palette route too.

Rustic sunflower wedding welcome sign

Rustic sunflower wedding welcome sign from Ling's Moment

Alternatively, if you'd like to inform your guests of what's going on and when - without them having to keep nipping back to a board on an easel at the back of the room - then these sunflower welcome/timeline handouts are perfect - they fulfil BOTH jobs - welcoming your guests and telling them where they should be, politely of course. These pretty printables are fully personalised for you, no templates in sight (yay).

Sunflower welcome to our wedding/wedding timeline handouts

Personalised sunflower "welcome/timelines from Wide Mouth Smiles

We seem to have strayed into the stationery zone somehow, so let's pop back to #DECOR for a moment .... whether your wedding will be inside or out, we just loved these sunflower arches. Wedding arches (or arbors) are definitely not a necessity, but they are a very dreamy addition, creating the perfect focal point for your wedding ceremony. It’s where you’ll exchange vows with your partner, making it home to one of the most special moments of your wedding.

Left: Sunflower arch from Ling's Moment Right: photograph by Natalie Montanari Ph

Just so romantic and pretty, you WILL need an "unplugged ceremony" sign to remind guests to watch with their eyes not through their phones. (Ask us at Wide Mouth Smiles and we will be happy to create one for you).

If you're thinking of having a back garden wedding, then maybe treat yourself to an arch or a romantic backdrop - or make your own with some sunflower decorations and a frame of some kind. We found some fabulous ideas, using items such as an old photo frame, fairy lights, coat hanger, curtains and doors! All off the instaworthy scale!

One last decor item before we move on, because we just couldn't resist including these pew/chair sunflower inspired touches. They're beautifully simple and probably a saviour for your bank account as opposed to a gush of aisle flowers (not sure if "gush" is the correct collective noun for a huge amount of flowers but we think it should be) Maybe one of our florists can help us out in the comments :) Anyway, properly pretty we think.

Top left: photo by Natalie Montanari Top right: chair decor; Ling's Moment Bottom left Rustic Love Hire bottom right: photo via pinterest

OK, let's get your people in the loop, arriving at the right place and time, and preferably without their neighbour's dog and sister's cousin-in-law twice removed heartfully rsvp'ing that they'll be coming too, thank you very much. Sorry, slightly side-tracked ... we're talking

#WEDDINGINVITATIONS. Sunflower wedding invitations to be precise ... these pretty invitations are personalised for you (no templates), ready to print at home or a print shop. All you have to do is print as many as you like then decide if/how you might want to embellish them, depending upon the budget you have and the look you want.

personalised wedding invitation printables download

Personalised sunflower wedding invitations by Wide Mouth Smiles

Perhaps keep it simple and send naked (the card, not you) or maybe add a little silk ribbon to protect it's modesty; pop it onto some kraft card for a rustic look and tie it with string; tape it onto some handmade/hand torn paper for a really on-trend look; or go all out and add it into a lasercut pocketfold, the choice is yours, as they say. Bonus - a pdf file chocca full of hints, tips and supplier discounts is included with each purchase - smashing.

Above and below: personalised sunflower wedding invitations by Wide Mouth Smiles

Let them eat cake! OK, cheesy, but it had to be done. We loved this one - rustic, elegant and perfect for your sunflower theme.

Rustic Sunflower Wedding Cakes

Sunflower rustic wedding cake by Mary's Edible Creations

You've managed to get your guests to the right venue at the right time (hopefully), now to get them to their seats. We loved this rustic board decorated with fairy lights and sunflowers ...

Sunflower wedding seating plan cards

... and if you're looking for some #TABLEPLAN cards to compliment your board, we have just the thing ... these are DIY printables, so if you have any last minute changes, you can simply print off another set.

sunflower wedding table cards, sunflower seating plan

Above and below: sunflower table plan/table number cards by Wide Mouth Smiles

Money saving tip: you can utilise the cards twice over! No need to buy separate table cards to sit on each table, just re-print the ones you use for the table plan and pop them into a holder!

sunflower table number cards

Some brides find creating a table plan stressful and time consuming though, so if you could do without the hassle, how about an alternative .... #ESCORTCARDS! YOU choose the table your guest sits at and they choose where to plonk their pretty behinds. YOU still have a measure of control and so do they. Or if you really are a control freak (no judgement, I am one too), you could still pop place cards around the tables if you wanted to.

DIY printable combination escort/place/name/favour cards by Wide Mouth Smiles

Choosing combination cards like this means you won't have to worry about a seating plan needing last minute changes and you have rather reasonably priced, lovely little favours to boot.

Now, the really exciting bit - #WEDDINGDRESSES!

So sunflower wedding dresses ... um ... really?!

Of course, choosing a sunflower wedding theme doesn't mean you you need an actual matching sunflower dress, .. perhaps a touch too much ... or not?!

I'll be honest, I wasn't exactly sure what I would find researching this, but wow ... How about getting your proper princess on, with this amazing gown? It has a sweetheart neckline, a mid-open back with lace up corset closure style and is embellished with embroidery and a combination of beads and rhinestones that will have you glistening all night ...

yellow ball gown wedding dress by Candy Couture

Princesa by Ariana Vara via Couture Candy

Not your thing? We also loved this pretty dress with spaghetti straps in a corset and laced bodice, or if you don't mind sharing the limelight of wearing such a beautiful dress, (sunlight, surely?) then this could fit the bill for a stunning bridesmaid dress instead.

yellow bridesmaid dress

Tarik Ediz Wide Scoop A-Line Dress via Couture Candy

So, we have a confession. We do our best to only include items where we can let you know where to purchase. Try as we might, we were unable to find the original designers/suppliers for these two dresses (below). Should we leave them on the cutting room floor? No, too stunning to not include in this blog. We hope you don't mind. Inspiration is everything. What we DID find though, is a company (with international shipping) who will custom-make your once in a lifetime dress, using your ideas and images as a starting point ....(there, do you forgive us ... ?)

Images via Google, bespoke custom-made wedding gowns from Envious Bridal

Enough of the yellow I hear you say ... OK, let's pause on the sunshine shade for a moment, so we can fully appreciate this romantic gown which is handmade with French lace - can you just imagine holding a (slightly wild) bouquet of sunflowers wearing this dress?! I know I can and I'm not even getting married ...

white lace wedding dress, grace love lace

Verdelle Gown from Grace Loves Lace

Moving onto #BRIDESMAIDSDRESSES and flower girls ... do we have a treat for you .... we just couldn't get over how adorable these dresses are ... oh my word, they're enough to persuade you to have a sunflower themed wedding just to incorporate them! And the boots!

Sunflower Flower Girl Dresses and Accessories from Baby2BWeddings

#ACCESSORIES - and back to you for a moment - we just loved this beautiful sunflower bridal headpiece ... though they would equally look stunning for bridesmaids.

Sunflower Bridal headpiece from Top Gracia

Don’t forget the boys! When it comes to floral accessories, don't overlook the groom and groomsmen - #BUTTONHOLES (or boutonnières if you want to show off) can help tie the whole wedding party’s look together and these mini sunflower boutonnieres are a cute way to coordinate with the bride and bridesmaids, creating a harmonious look so that no-one feels left out.

Left image: via Pinterest Right Image: Adas Flowers and Gifts

#WEDDINGFAVOURS. Repeat after me. My guests will NOT leave these on the table. They will not. Actually, they really won't if you get them something they'll actually like and/or use. Brides are telling us that it's practical wedding favours that they're seeking at the moment, so for a sunflower themed wedding, there isn't anything much more practical than the gift of flower seeds that your guests can enjoy growing and watching bloom, just like your love .... ahhhhh.

sunflower seed favours, sunflower wedding favours, sunflower diy seed favours, sunflower seed favors

Personalised or unpersonalised sunflower seed wedding favours by Wide Mouth Smiles

#WEDDINGKEEPSAKES and mementos. Oh no, is it that time already? Your big day, my lovelies will come to an end far too quickly, but hopefully you will have wonderful, lasting memories as well as photographs and possibly a video. However, if you like the idea of something tangible to hold, we stumbled across this little beauty - your wedding flowers forever preserved in resin. What could be more perfect? Get me a time machine, I'm going back to 2019 for my wedding bouquet.

sunflower wedding flowers in resin, wedding flowers keepsake

Floral Keepsake Heart by Paige Alexander

I hope this post has given some inspiration and if not at least a smile (or the other way around).

Be a lovely human if it has and leave a comment? Preferably a nice one, we're only human at this end too x

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