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Wide Mouth Smiles Website Launch - with Coupon Codes!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Personalised letterbox gifts
Personalised gifts

When we say launch ..... well it IS coming together .. albeit a little too slowly for us. However, we have waited a long time for this and whilst Etsy has been great; our Etsy customers absolutely fantastic, it's time we branched out on our own. The website is fully functional, we just have SO many products to get online, so please, if you've found us - pop back to see new #personalisedgifts being added all the time!

Who/What is Wide Mouth Smiles...?

No, we're not a well-meaning private dentist clinic (!) .... my name is Glyn, and I am the face behind Wide Mouth Smiles, a small business and an online gift shop.

We offer uniquely beautiful special occasion gifts and prints for birthdays, anniversaries, engagement, wedding and seasonal celebrations such as Christmas. Personalised and custom letterbox gifts that can be sent directly to your friends and family, and instant digital download prints for those last minute gifts!

Unique gifts you say ...?

Well we think so. Lots of glow and tears has gone into the research and creation of our gifts.

We wanted to design #birthdaygifts, #weddingpresents and #Christmasgiftideas that would be thoughtful, high quality, yet budget friendly. We wanted them to be #letterboxgifts where possible with the option to be delivered right to your recipients door. We wanted top notch customer service (as the opposite is a personal bug-bear!).

Above all, we wanted "happy tears" and "wide mouth smiles"

Having our own website means ... discounts

Having our own website also means we can offer you, our customers better prices.

Our best selling gifts this month include:

Ahem ... discounts, didn't you mention ....?

Absolutely. Here you go - a launchpad 10% discount off your first purchase with us, plus you will benefit from already lower prices than those in our Etsy shop (because we can).

Discount coupon
Discount coupon

We invite you to explore our personalised gift shop at where you will find a personalised service and a human (most of the time) at the other end of it. We hope you enjoy using your first voucher.


The desire to work for myself creating beautiful gifts, fun illustrations and products that other people will enjoy opening, was always going to be the end goal. Now, working from my home in Devon I find myself surrounded by family, friends, furry friends and my wildlife garden which all serve to support my small business (and my sanity) with equal amounts of relaxation, inspiration and general crazyness.


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