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Free Printable for November/Sagittarius borns

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

We noticed something. We wanted to create a print that included the gemstone, birth flower and other information that was attributed to people born in November. We also wanted to include information about the Zodiac signs - however they don't play fair, because they stretch ACROSS the months, meaning personality traits and gemstones aren't then necessarily precise. So instead of creating just 12 birthday printables, we will be creating 24 - one for each half of the month, with the corresponding zodiac information and another for the second half.

FREE November Birthday Print
FREE November Birthday Print

November/Scorpio free printable can be found HERE

Your A5 or Half Letter download is here:

P.s. this blogging m'larkey is all very new to us (as you can probably tell), so pleeeaaaaase be kind :-)

Have a good day, and happy birthday to all you November babies!

Please share and comment below - we'd love to know if the personality traits are right for you/your friends!

Matching items are available in our shop ... birthday bookmarks, coasters and notebooks.

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