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  • Glyn Archer

DIY Secret Santa/Small Budget Gift for friends and colleagues

You need a Secret Santa gift. It has to be less than £10 and more than £5. You pick a name out of the hat and your stomach drops. Not because the name you hold is someone you don't like - that would actually be pretty easy and dare I say it, quite fun (yes - mischievous, I realise) .. no, the problem is that you don't really KNOW them very well.

A gift that's thoughtful? Yes. Festive? Possibly. Inoffensive? Definitely. Something suitable for most tastes.

We think we have just the thing, and happy to show you how we put them together if you want to make your own.

Feel free to change the items included and amend the sentiments behind them, this is just our take on a Secret Santa/Christmaas Survival Kit!

If you like the idea of this gift but would love to buy one ready filled with a printed card, just click HERE to pop and look at the various versions we have available (vegan/male/personalised etc)

Please share and comment below - we'd love to see photographs of survival kits you've made yourself!

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