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Wedding Flowers - The Romantic Ranunculus

Is it a Rose? Is it a Peony? No it's a Ranunculus. A beautiful delicate flower not to be confused with it's large-headed counterparts. The Ranunculus deserves the spotlight just as much as other very popular flowers not least because of the vast spectrum of colours they are available in, from pure white, pale blush pink, buttery yellow, coral, salmon and sunshine orange through to magenta, reds and deep, dark purple.

As if we need any more reason to love them there are also many varieties of Ranunculus available, namely Standard, Cloni, Pon-Pon, Cappuccino and Butterfly - meaning they are a solid contender for favourite flower status by many florists (with me being no exception).

Pink Cloni ranunculus called 'Hanoi

Pink Cloni ranunculus called 'Hanoi"

During the colder months of the year - January and February, when seasonal flower varieties can be somewhat limited - the trusty Ranunculus really comes into its own. Blooming her rounded layers upon layers of paper-thin petals makes it an obvious choice for chilly winter weddings.

The Ranunculus actually has quite a long season, appearing first around October to early-November and continuing until May or early June if we're lucky, so for me as a wedding florist the Ranunculus is an absolute must, particularly for the early spring brides and grooms when they are at their best.

Cloni Ranunculus in shades of yellows and peach with white Peony and Antirrhinum

Bouquet by Lucy Charlotte Floral Design Cloni Ranunculus in shades of yellows and peach with white Peony and Antirrhinum

More about those varieties: the Cloni is perhaps the most sought-after for a Bridal Bouquet because of its larger rounded head, very much giving garden roses a run for their money in terms of stealing the show.

Butterfly Ranunculus

Flowers by Lucy Charlotte Floral Design Summer wedding display with red and pink Butterfly Ranunculus, yellow and hot pink Standard and Cloni Ranunculus

As well as a fun name, the Pon-Pon variety looks quite fun with its ruffled petals and pompom-esque appearance. The Standard variety is smaller-headed with thinner, more delicate stems.

Pon-Pon varieties of Ranunculus

The outside petals of the Cappuccino variety are tinged with a slightly different colour to the rest making them that extra bit special and unique.

Cappuccino  Ranunculus pink wedding flowers

Cappuccino varieties of Ranunculus

Finally the Butterfly Ranunculus, you could be forgiven for not even recognising this one as a Ranunculus due to its taller, wily stems and multiple flower heads sprouting smaller, single-layered petals which lend themselves well to loose, garden-style arrangements that require some movement and delicacy.

Wedding centrepiece for a spring wedding  including Cloni and Butterfly ranunculus alongside Lilacs, Roses, Anemones

Bouquet by Lucy Charlotte Floral Design Wedding centrepiece for a spring wedding

including Cloni and Butterfly ranunculus alongside Lilacs, Roses,Anemones

The flexibility these multi-talented flowers offer a florist isn't rivalled by many others, catering for more colour stories and palettes than imaginable and offering both eye-catching focal flowers and shrinking violets which are happy to sit in the background, while still serving the prettiest of purposes.

Next time you pass by a local flower shop, pop in and grab yourself a handful of these beauties, bundle them into your favourite vase then wait for the compliments to roll in.

Thank you to Lucy Charlotte Floral Design for guest blogging for us! Lucy is a wedding florist based in her studio in Somerset, working on weddings all over the South West from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and up to Gloucestershire. Lucy's style is natural and slightly wild florals.

Lucy Charlotte Floral Design

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