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⚡️Amazing daily deals sale every day! Remarkably lower prices for 3 hours only!⚡️

Updated: 1 day ago

Wide Mouth Smiles have decided to add a brand new "Daily Deals" page to our website and we thought we'd let you, our subscribers, know first.

Each day, we're going to pick a few items from our shop and offer them at much, much lower prices. Sometimes silly prices. Sometimes even free. And we're starting today. Yay!

It looks something like this ....

Daily Deals Page - discounted gifts
Daily Deals Page

So tell us more about HOW IT WORKS you say ...

Each day, some of our gifts and/or stationery products will be heavily discounted - for 3 hours only, from 4pm to 7pm on THIS page only.

Each product listing will show the discount on offer and how many of them are left at that price. The same products WILL be available in our shop but not at these prices.

Why?! Many reasons actually, but we won't bore you with the finer details (we'll tell you at the bottom of this blog if you really want to know), but for now, you want to know about the great deals to be had, right?

So if you're needing anything #wedding, #birthday or #gift related now or in the near future, save the link and set your alarms ... We've even snuck in a few (dare I say the "C" word in October... ?) ... eek, I'll say it quietly, in a small voice (and font) .. Christmas gifts and stationery ....

Gamer prints, instant download
Last minute, instant digital download prints


We'll try to include a mix of products - some might be a personalised wedding gift, an instant download birthday print, and Christmas items such as Secret Santa's or gifts for the Christmas table.

If you lose out, you can still buy the product (unless completely sold out on our website), but it will, of course be at the non-sale price. Or you can keep watch and we might put it up on sale again another day (better to snap it up first time though ...?)

We'll pop in a few #freebies too. For example, this #birthdayprint which can be downloaded, printed and framed for a cute gift for your favourite person who has a #birthday in #October.

Absolutely free gifts!

There might be some smashing half price luxuries like this boxed and personalised "#something #blue" bride's garter. (Probably not too many of these, we have to be honest ... )

There might also be some silly priced offers, like these printable seed #favours - just £0.20p! Know anyone getting married?!

As promised, for those of you who wonder precisely why we're doing this ... there ARE actually lots of reasons - we might have items that we bought for gift boxes that just didn't work out, we might have too much stock of some things; another reason is that many customers have found us on Etsy, but not our own website (where our prices can be lower as there are less fees); we also want to increase traffic to our website (because Google has told us we need to); all these things, but also because ... it's fun!

So come and check it out, tell your friends (use this link), they'll thank you! Especially if they happen to pick up a little bargain like this ... is it gin (and sales) o'clock yet? ....

Illustrated gin prints, ready to download and print at home.

Be a lovely human if it has and leave a comment? Preferably a nice one, we're only human at this end too x

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