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  • Glyn Archer

How to make Rebecca: A gorgeous sunflower lasercut wedding invitation

We just love sunflowers, they're bold, beautiful and strong - and make stunning flowers for a wedding. They also symbolise adoration, loyalty and love – the key components of a long and happy marriage it could be argued ... what more positive vibes can a person get?!

Our mission is to design beautiful wedding stationery for non-crafty people (and crafty people too, we're not craft-ist) to create at home and be oh so proud of sending out. Stationery that doesn't have to cost a fortune, yet looks like it maybe did. Stationery that you can enchance or not, so that it looks just how YOU wanted it to.

So, here is how to make the beautiful Rebecca lasercut pocketfold:

If you would like to see some more ideas based on this design, take a look at our other sunflower design instructional videos here:

Please share and comment below - we'd love to know how you got on!

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